Welcome to Quarter Horse Ranch, a small family operated facility.  Located on the East side of the Big Island, in the small quaint town of Mountain View.  We have been breeding, raising & selling quality quarter horses for the past 35 years.
Quarter Horse Ranch is proud to be the distributor of  EQUIPRIDE, a Unique New Vitamin, Mineral & Digestive Aide Supplement For All Classes of Horses.

EquiPride™ Top-Dressing Supplement

Many Hawaii horse owners are adding EquiPride™ to their horses’ daily ration to help improve digestion and overall health. Manufactured by SweetPro®,
EquiPride combines several nutritional factors designed to help horses digest their feed more efficiently.

EquiPride blends vitamins, organic complexed minerals, stabilized milled flax and distillers grains with ProBiotein™, a proprietary blend consisting of yeast culture, prebiotic oligosaccharides, enzymes, and protein isolates designed to maintain digestive tract health. Another key ingredient, flax, is high in omega-3 fatty acids and lignans, which have been shown in clinical research to improve immune function.

EquiPride has a distinctive yeasty aroma that horses seem to like. Owners
say that it’s particularly helpful for picky eaters and horses that may suffer fromstress-related ulcers or have problems with poor weight gain. The manufacturer states, “Look for up to 25% improvement in forage feed efficiency with SweetPro’s

Several horses that had arrived in Hawai`i from the mainland in poor condition were fed EquiPride; after three weeks, the improvement was dramatic in terms of improved appetite and weight gain.

SweetPro also contributes to laminitis research at New Bolton Center and
Rutgers University, Cook College Equine Sciences. More information about EquiPride is available at http://www.equipride.biz/default.aspx. In Hawaii,
EquiPride is distributed by Kristin Frazier: Quarter Horse Ranch (968-6758) on the Big Island .

Malama Lio: The Hawai`i Horse Journal

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Skater ran an 18.3

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