I have been blessed to have ridden with Ryan... One of the BEST barrel racing trainers out there... He was kind enough to take me under his wing & share his knowledge..

Mahalo Ryan:)
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Barrel Racing Clinic by Professional Trainer and Top Competitor
Ryan Lovendahl

Ryan has been training and competing at the highest levels of barrel racing for over fifteen years, with a lot of success at futurities, derby’s, and open events across the country.

Events such as Champion at Lazy E Barrel Futurity, fastest qualifying time at Old Fort Days Futurity and sending two horses that he has trained and ridden to the NFR in Las Vegas (MP Meter My Hay aka “Stingray” ridden by Sherry Cervi in 2009 and Blazin Jetolena aka “Jet” ridden by Melanie Southards in 2007). Ryan trains and works with several youth riders sending them to the top in many youth event across the country.

With his background in reining and cutting horses, his horses are broke, well behaved, and easy to ride.

At this clinic, you will be taught how he starts and finishes and keeps his finished horses at their peak and how he keeps them wanting to run barrels. He will work with each individual and their horse, so that when you leave the clinic you will have a clear set routine to work on, to keep you and your horse  progressing towards the top of the competition or to keep your already “Super Star” on top.

Ryan has worked with kids, adults, and beginners to the pro’s and enjoys and works just as hard on each individual. He has had great success with his past clinics and almost every person attending has come back for a second and sometimes third clinic.

Some of the quotes from past clinic participants:

“I have been a part of multiple barrel clinics and Ryan’s is a must, I get more from him than any of the others. And it’s always a lot of fun.” Charlene Wise

“I have been to a lot of good clinics, but Ryan’s was awesome. He has a way of explaining things so that I can not only understand but I can actually do what he is telling me to do. He puts things in a way that everyone can understand. I can’t wait for next year’s.” Cody Green